Saturday, October 31, 2009

Upstate NY'S 23RD

This is one of the craziest political battles we've yet to witness. 3 small town politicians battle it out on the national stage; one brings in political big wigs, one is jumping in front of any camera or microphone that will have her, and one is on the phone with Pelosi. It's really something.

The funny thing is, all 3 are in danger of self destructing before the actual showdown. Republican VS republican, Republican VS Conservative, Democrat VS Republican, etc. The 3 political showman who are making a mad dash for the Canadian border are a complete joke, and most definitely a Saturday night live skit if I've ever seen one. Fred Thompson, Sarah Palin and the gang are well known for the almighty political flops that cost them votes, yet conservative candidate Hoffman thinks they will do him some favors.

Whatever happens, us Liberals will strike victory as we get the popcorn, and watch the far right fringe bloodbath. Happy Halloween!


  1. I heard that the Gingrich-supported actual Republican candidate has now dropped out of the race. This would appear to mean that the Palin-Limbaugh anschluss of the 23rd District has been successful. We can only hope this will mean a Democratic victory, for that would mean a long, drawn-out battle between the conservative and ultra-conservative wings of the GOP lasting through 2012 and beyond! :)

  2. Yes it would. I just hope republican voters see the idiocy of it all.

  3. Hey... thanks for stopping by my blog! You're always welcome. Ya, hearing stuff about NY-23; this election I just get to deal with local yo-yo's on the slate. Most are too dumb to even cause concern....