Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Bailout, A Slap in the Face

As we watched Wall Street pocket the big bail out money the Obama administration dished out this past spring, it seems Wall Street is reluctant to show any sign of gratititude for the life raft.

Today, President Obama plans to attend a Democratic Fundraiser at Manhattan's Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where most of the donors will be dishing out the Maximum legal amount allowed; $30,400 a plate. Amazingly, less than half of the Wall Street leaches who benefited, profited, and downright flourished under Obama's bailout will be missing from the guest list.

Apparently the reasons for the missing bankers is due to fear of public perception from those who disagree with the bailout all together, and you know, just bad overall PR.


However as Wall Street continues to live in post bailout bliss, banks like JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup can jack up interest rates on credit cards so high, the average American has to choose between paying the mortgage or paying credit card bills. How about that?


  1. Funny how the Obama admin villainies'
    Wall Street, but they aren't bad enough to take donations from.

  2. Democrats are getting almost no money from the Wall Street plutocrats.

  3. to the anoymous poster, that was kind of my point. Wall Street isn't giving up anything, yet they can take monry from the Obama administration. They will be the first with their hand out when needed though.

  4. Don't you mean with their hand in your pocket?