Sunday, October 25, 2009

Health Care 2.0

As we watch our health care system start to reform slowly, this week, Nancy Pelosi suggested that the public option will actually be an extension of medicare benefits.

That would be fine, the only problem is this. It wouldn't really be much of a "public option", mostly because Medicare already exists, and pushing the bar up to include more people who would qualify for the extension of medicare isn't really reform. It's modifying an already existing plan to include a little more of the general public. So what? How is that a public option?

If this is the Democrats version of the alleged "public option", then we've been had. Then all along, according to congress, we've had the "public option", right?

This would not be "a public option", because it would not cover everybody or anybody who wanted in. It would just open the doors to more of the working class who couldn't afford medical care, which is a good thing, however all of the middle class who's paying out the nose for coverage still looses out.

Also, president Obama's alleged campaign promise that "all would have an option if they desired" would be dissolved.

This is not solving the problem. It's an absolute joke, and it's giving the Republicans exactly what they're looking for.


  1. Yes, the Public Option is a joke if it is a means of taking off the sick and poor off the back of insurance companies, so they can make mega bucks fleecing the choice-less middle class. No one in Congress or the House at the other end of the street wants to listen to Ron Wyden's "Free Choice" amendment which, in conjunction with the public option, becomes a potent reform. But what can we do, our Congress likes the reforms to be just as impotent as they are.

  2. I agree double. Very true.

  3. If this passes, the next step is to fight to get the public option extended to all. It won't take effect for a few years, but when it does, a lot of people who are excluded will demand the opportunity. We need to push that timetable forward.