Friday, November 6, 2009

Still, We Saw a Victory

Tuesday's elections results showed us two things. One, that far right conservative wack jobs don't do well on election day. We saw this movie before a few times. Palin, Thompson, and so on. We were able to take NY'S 23rd pretty comfortably without a hitch.

Second, Democrats who gain power MUST, and I repeat, MUST get something accomplished. Corozine had some great ideas, but nothing was ever produced. I think he felt he could coast on blue state pride alone, thus assuming most would favor the Democrat in the voting booth when it came down to the final hour. Not so. He ran a horrible campaign, not to mention the fact that he made the stupidest choice of all when he referred to Christie's weight in a campaign ad.

I don't care what party you're in, this is just a cocky, ignorant, pathetic attempt to win an election, and it turns people off. Grow up. In retrospect, I don't feel so sorry for Corozine, although I am sorry there's now a Republican in power because of Corozine's arrogance.


  1. I think he was just a 'business as usual' guy with strong connections to Wall Street running at a time when the people are sick of business as usual and pissed at Wall Street.

  2. Yes Tom, but if you look a little closer, not much was happening.

  3. True. The base did not turn out.